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Holden W. Green Speaking SeriesMr. Green owner and founder of HWG LAW GROUP-A Professional Corporation (formerly Law Offices of Holden W. Green) is available to speak to your small business or professional organization. Having shaped and successfully built a law practice with zero capital and very little advanced training in the beginning of 2001 to having overcome fierce competition and a bottomed out economy in 2009 a tremendous opportunity exists to allow a active listening discussion on any area covered in the website. The best part of the invitation is that it is free to any group under 100 members.

Mr Green is a forceful and engaging speaker that can bring new and out of the box insight to a company that wishes to form a bigger business model or wanting to hear approaches that will smooth out current wrinkles in day to day operations and improve over all efficiency. Not sure if a retai8ned attorney versus in house counsel makes fiscal sense for the business an entire discussion can focus on this area.

The business or focus group has an idea of their own and would like Holden to lead a discussion which then allows direct feed back in a closed net setting ? That forum can be handled nicely and with ideas and strategies that can directly be used and applied to the organization immediately. Any organization needs to move quickly and efficiently and every time spent learning and gathering information needs to be implemented into a division or business plan instantaneously.

The speaker forum can be part of a lunch or reception or organized as part of a meeting or off campus work event. In a common sense easy to understand mutually engaged style with one on one opportunities before and after the program individuals can attend and leave with the positive reality that fresh ideas to frustrating road block problems or a completely new approach to a previously non existent thought(s).

Mr. Green can share ideas how to better market the organization on the web. What groups to join and others to stay clear from. How to effectively use a web host person and how to get the business to grow through You-Tube and Twitter and other free yet highly effective social media tools.

Holden can also lead a discussion entirely from an idea from the business. Perhaps lead a series on responses to frequently asked questions by employees and employers in their industry . In the end a positive yet insightful energy charge and with no attendance costs is a great opportunity to any group or organization through out the bay area.

For more information on how to arrange a speaker series with Holden please use the e-mail contact feature tab or speak directly through phone or Skype. The HWG LAW GROUP looks forward to speaking with you soon. Gary lets add this banner to the blog and the tab.

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