Many times I am contacted by clients who want to switch lawyers. I always ask why? The answers are always the same. The lawyer is not trying hard enough, it seems the attorney is working with the other side in a way that abandons my best interest to close the case, can’t get the lawyer on the phone, always sends an associate in who knows nothing about the case and do on. The other problem with changing attorney’s is that it comes after several court dates and therefore “deals” or offers have already “Come and gone”.  Then when “I come in” it becomes difficult to “get back” expired offers. Another problem with substituting new counsel is that motions that need to be filed were not and motions that should never have been filed were.  That is why it is imperative to do the research in the very beginning and then stay with the lawyer in the end. Have the “one lawyer” control the case from the very first court appearance period. The outcome is better, the results are more consistent and the clients do not have to “lose the money on the first lawyer” and then pay “fresh” on the second. It is very easy to pick the right lawyer such is Mr. Green and his HWG LAW FIRM PC. Avvo is always a good place to start. Reading on line blogs is also a great resource. So to avoid a harsh result through inattention get the best result as possible “FROM DAY ONE”.  Make the right decision and make a good business decision and stay with the lawyer. Whether that means pre-trail and then trial or both. Get that fee agreement and let the case run its cycle.

It’s important that the lawyer who drafts the complaint handles all discovery, mediation, interrogatories, attends all case management conferences and so on.  Interview the lawyer i.e. “Mr. Green” and investigate experience, energy, strategy, whether you can see “the fight in their eyes” etc. It can spell disaster and give the opposing side confidence if the party who files the case changes lawyers. It infers that there is “dissention in the ranks” hence the case.

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